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Sara Bareilles:Little Black Dress Tour 2014

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I know she said two weeks but…


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"where the FUCK are the tour dates?!"

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It is incredibly amazing and remarkable to see this humble girl from this little California town who wanted to just create music that she could share with the world and connect through her passion and craft. My heart is crying and still so full, not only because of the puddles of love we’ve all peed for this stunning human being but also because seeing her on stage tonight, performing with Carole King – you can see it in Sara’s eyes, that fire and overwhelming sense of, I don’t know what else to describe it but magic. It’s like, they were just both in that moment and nothing, not any piece of paper or trophy even matters anymore. Sara allowed herself to open up more through her music at such a huge turning point in her career and personal life through this record (The Blessed Unrest) – that is such a feat in itself.. I love how crafting this record was a journey she made with all of us on board. Sara Bareilles is always gonna  be my top fave musician and artist of all, Queen of Fvcking Everything.

"What a thrill to see the future of music in such good hands." 

– Carole King to Sara Bareilles

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ok, so we were all rooting for Sara.  I know I was.  throughout the years, Sara has helped me through so much stuff, things that I never though that I would get past. I can’t put into words how much she means to me.  I wanted so bad for this night to be her night.  I thought that for it to be her night she would win her Grammys, but as we know, that didnt happen.  but you know what? it was Sara’s night.  she got to perform with her idol. she was brought up all during the show. she was nominated for two amazing awards.  i am so proud of her.  she is really doing it, shes out there.  I just cant, I am so happy for her.  Lets just remember what the Blessed Unrest means to us and give Sara all the love that we could possibly give.  She did such a good job and she has had SO much progress in the past year.  Good job Sara, we love you.

Still speechless about her performance, just look how bright she shined tonight, I have no words but yes on everything, this this this. So fucking proud of her. (Thanks to goawaymylover for the gif)

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